Meet the Team Behind Autobrain


“As a former first responder, I know that the longer it took for us to get to the scene of a car crash, the less of a chance the people had of surviving. Which is why I love working at Autobrain, because together we are bringing automatic crash response to people at an affordable price and I get to feel like I'm saving lives that we couldn't before.”


“I love Autobrain because there’s a sense that we’re working towards a grander vision of making the road a safer place to be and I proudly see us make strides towards that goal everyday.”


“Autobrain puts everything you need to know about your car's current status at your fingertips. I don't know much about car maintenance, but now I do not need to worry that something might be wrong with my car that I don't know about.”


“Autobrain developer…Avid Autobrain user. Easily my favorite app on my phone. My wife and I love to watch each other’s car drive using the Car Finder feature.”


“I love being part of a team with brilliant, helpful, and dedicated people who help me learn and be better every day. Good people make a great product and what we do helps families stay safe.”


“I love Autobrain because of the sense of camaraderie amongst the members of our team. Everyone is so friendly and willing to help that it really feels like a team all pushing to the same goal, and that sentiment has always been lost upon me at when working at other companies.”


“I drive an older car so I love the fact that Autobrain essentially updates my car by providing features that you can typically only find in a newer car, like knowing the battery level or why the engine light is on. This app helps me feel more in-tune with the ‘health’ of my car without needing to run to the mechanic so regularly.”


“I love Autobrain because it give me a peace of mind knowing I can get roadside assistance and automatic crash response whenever I drive.”


“Autobrain provides me the opportunity to do high quality work for a company that makes lives better.”


“I love hearing personal stories about how Autobrain has helped people and it gives me great satisfaction knowing that Autobrain is improving people's lives everyday.”


“I love Autobrain because it allows me to access a variety of information about my car. Trip reports helps me figure out the fastest way to work, alerts keep me updated about my car's health, and the dashboard provides me with useful info at a glance.”


“Autobrain's mission and goal is to provide something that will give the users & employees better safety, assistance, and community, and I love that. They are striving to help drivers and families all over the world with this app.”


“Autobrain keeps me ahead of the game when it comes to my car. It gives me all the information I need in an easy to use format.”


“I love Autobrain because it is a fun environment to learn and collaborate.”


“I love working for Autobrain because I love being part of a team that works to help keep people safe on the road. It's a great way to keep an eye on younger drivers' behavior, and a great alternative to taking the keys from an elderly parent.”


“Autobrain is a place where you work on some of today’s most interesting and challenging problems with the brightest people.”


“Being around Autobrain's team of creative, innovative thinkers is invigorating. We're building products and systems that actually save lives.”


“I love Autobrain because it’s combatting real world problems and making the roads safer for everyone.”


“I love Autobrain because there's always interesting problems to work on and technologies to work with.”


“I like Autobrain because it allows me to see where my babysitter is with my kids at all times.”


“I love Autobrain because I'm a worrywart and getting real time confirmations that my girlfriend hasn't run out of gas or gotten into a wreck is a huge load off.”


“I love Autobrain because it allows for people with older non connected cars to get safety and security for their family at an affordable price and without having to buy a new car.”


“I love Autobrain because not only does it add so much functionality to my beloved truck, but it also gives me the opportunity to work in a great environment with dedicated and knowledgable people who are laser-focused on creating the best product possible.”


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